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Brad Pitt’s next film project, as announced in May, will be a film about Formula 1 and, according to the American magazine Variety, the salary he will receive is estimated at around 30 million dollars (27.4 million euros ). Other publications raise the figure to between 120 and 130 million euros. A couple of months ago, in April, Pitt sold a mansion in Los Angeles for 36 million euros, 24 times the value for which he bought it three decades earlier. He got rid of it perhaps to recover from a purchase last August, that of a house overlooking the Pacific in Carmel (California) for which he paid 40 million euros. Those are the economic parameters in which this actor operates, something that, however, the woman from Granada seems to be unaware of, whom a fake Brad Pitt, whom he met online, has defrauded of up to 170,000 euros.

The story of this scam begins at the beginning of 2022, according to Antonio Estella Aroza, the woman’s lawyer, with the incorporation of this woman from Granada to a fan club of the actor —all presumed, fan club and actor— on Facebook. The interaction between the woman and the alleged fan club increased and one thing led to another, so that, as was inevitable, Brad Pitt himself ended up interacting with this lady. The only information that has been made public is that this woman is from Granada and “middle-aged.” Her lawyer has preferred not to give more information about her.

The relationship progressed from friendship to something more. The scammers have had a little over a year for it. As Estella Aroza explains, “they are professionals, they mark times, they know when to give love, when not to respond” and, finally, when to ask for money. Requesting money requires, for example, that the friendship has gone further. And since there is only one step from friendship to love when it comes to a scam, suddenly, both fell in love with each other. The relationship has always been kept at a distance, although, as usually happens in these cases, from a specific moment the scammer(s) made the promise that the fake Brad Pitt would come to Spain to meet her in person. As if the bait was not enough, the alleged Brad Pitt promised him that they would record a movie together.

And the requests for money began. In various income, explains the lawyer, various accounts in Spanish and European banks, the woman came to make transfers of up to 30,000 euros in one go. Estella Aroza says that it is, according to her experience, open accounts with stolen identity cards. A little less than a month ago, the woman smelled that the relationship had a trick and she went to the law firm to explain it. Now, a court in Granada has a complaint for alleged fraud, identity theft – about the actor – and money laundering. In this case, because the lawyer believes that the banks should have kept track of the money in some of the transfers, since they amounted to several tens of thousands of euros.

One of the images sent by the scammer posing as Brad Pitt to ask for money.
One of the images sent by the scammer posing as Brad Pitt to ask for money.

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Transfer to transfer, the woman has entered the account of her scammers 170,000 euros to start the film. Little compared to the more than 90 million dollars, 82 million euros, which was the budget of one of the last successes of the real Brad Pitt, once upon a time in hollywood.

The fiction that the Brad Pitt on the other side of the screen was the real one has been maintained this long year thanks to the already traditional system of photomontages. The scammer(s) used photos of the genuine Brad Pitt and in it they placed in her hands, for example, a sheet of paper on which there were messages of affection for her… in somewhat sloppy Spanish, on the other hand. And while in the courts they have not yet moved, explains the lawyer in the case, a paper or ordered any investigative procedure, the real Brad Pitt continues with his business, completely legal. One of the latest is a new gin, The Gardener Gin, which the actor has just presented at the latest edition of the Cannes festival. While the real Pitt sells gin gourmetnothing indicates that the fake is not out there, trying to fish again in the nets.


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