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During the 95th edition of the Oscars, held this Sunday in Los Angeles, veteran actor Morgan Freeman, 85, accompanied by actress Margot Robbie, 32, took the stage at the Dolby Theater to present part of the gala . Immediately, social network users noticed the black glove that covered one of the actor’s hands. It was not the first time that he appeared with a black glove on his left hand and aroused concern and comments on networks among viewers, he already did so at the opening ceremony of the Qatar 2022 World Cup. The reason why Freeman wears a glove in his public appearances is due to a serious traffic accident he suffered in 2008 in Mississippi (USA) that left his hand paralyzed.

It happened in the month of August, when the Oscar-winning actor was driving near his home in the city of Charleston, Mississippi, with a companion. State police confirmed at the time, Freeman was behind the wheel of his 1997 Nissan Maxima when he skidded off the road, flipped multiple times and ended up in a ditch. The editor of a local newspaper, the sun sentinel, arrived at the scene shortly after the accident, and reported that “they had to use rescue mowers to get him out of the vehicle,” although the actor “was lucid and conscious” and “talked and joked with the rescue team during the crash.” process”. Mississippi Highway Patrol Sergeant Ben Williams then reported that no traces of alcohol or drugs had been found in the actor’s body. Freeman suffered severe nerve damage and has been wearing a compression glove ever since to keep blood flowing to his hand.

The actor Morgan Freeman on stage at the opening ceremony of the World Cup in Qatar together with the Qatari 'youtuber' Ghanim al-Muftah, on November 20, 2022.
The actor Morgan Freeman on stage at the opening ceremony of the World Cup in Qatar together with the Qatari ‘youtuber’ Ghanim al-Muftah, on November 20, 2022. Eric Verhoeven (Soccrates via Getty)

In an interview in 2021, conducted for the men’s magazine esquirethe protagonist of movies like Seven either million dollar Baby He described his degree of pain as “unbearable.” “From time to time he grabs his left shoulder and winces. He hurts when he walks, when he sits, when he gets up from his sofa and when he missteps across the field. More than pain, it seems like agony, although he never mentions it, ”wrote the journalist Tom Chiarella at the time, referring to the consequences of the car accident, which caused him fibromyalgia. “Despite surgery to repair nerve damage, he was left with a useless left hand. Most of the time she holds it rigidly with a compression glove to ensure blood doesn’t pool there. She doesn’t like to show it, but there are times when she can’t help but lose herself in a wince. It is such a big gesture, so out of the general behavior of the man, that it seems that he was acting ”.

According to what the actor himself told the journalist, he can no longer fly planes, a hobby that developed late at age 65. Nor can she go sailing alone, as he used to do in periods when she sought “social isolation” and sailed to the Caribbean to hide for weeks. He is also unable to drive or ride a horse normally.

Despite the accident and its consequences, Freeman, who became a star in his 50s thanks to Driving Miss Daisy, has not stopped working. This month of March she premieres two films in the United States, the thriller The Ritual Killerwhere almost three decades after Seven faces a serial killer again, and the independent film A good personco-starring Florence Pugh and directed by her ex-partner, fellow actor and director Zach Braff.

Awarded an Oscar in 2005 for million dollar Baby, Morgan Freeman is one of the most respected living actors in the industry by both the public and critics. He himself claims that he has an innate talent for pretending to be something he is not. The actor, also known as “The Voice of God” for his numerous voiceovers in movies and documentaries, considers himself a firm believer. “I have seen too much not to believe,” he said in an interview for this same medium, “but I am not one of those who preaches.”


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