Actor Bruce Willis is diagnosed with dementia



The most famous actor in action movies, who was forced to retire because of aphasia, was recently diagnosed with a disease that has no cure and is even more serious.

Bruce Willis, was forced to abandon acting due to being diagnosed with aphasia, the deterioration that he is suffering from his weak state of health is faster and faster. A few months ago the family had already warned him, and it is now that Rumer Willis, the actor’s daughter, wanted to upload a statement to her social networks where she confirms that her father is suffering from frontotemporal dementiaa mental disorder that currently has no cure.

The actor, who kept his diagnosis for many years, withdrew from the world of acting when he announced that he suffered from aphasia, a disease that causes problems in communicating through writing, mime or speech, and that appears due to very serious injuries or blows. serious cerebral It began to be rumored that the origin of his current state of health was due to a shock or blow in one of his last filmings.

As her daughter reported, aphasia is just a symptom rooted in another much more alarming disease. “Since we announced the diagnosis of Bruce’s aphasia in the spring of 2022, the disease has progressed and we now have a clearer and more specific diagnosis called frontotemporal dementia.” Rumer Willis also added through Instagram. “Consequently, language problems are just one of the symptoms. Although it is heartbreaking, it is a great relief to finally have a clear diagnosis.”

The symptoms are quite varied, causing problems with decision making, personality changes, apathy, language comprehension and speech difficulties. Willis, one of the actors most loved by his Hollywood colleagues, is going through a rather delicate situation, his daughter concluded by dedicating a few words to her father. “Bruce has always believed in using his voice in the world to help others. We know in our hearts that if he could today, he would want to respond by raising global attention and connecting with those also facing this debilitating disease.”


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