After The Way of Water, James Cameron will tackle The War of Fire

With Avatar 3 James Cameron wants “revealing the Nav’is from another angle” and explore “new worlds”. Walt Disney Company

The next part of the saga will feature “the people of the ashes”, confided the director.

After water, fire. WhileAvatar: The Waterway has exploded all cinema records for three weeks, becoming the most viewed film of the year in France, first information on the third part, scheduled for December 2024, has already been revealed.

So far, James Cameron has highlighted two Na’vi tribes, the Omaticaya and the Metkayina. These two clans are peaceful tribes, “who only resort to violence when their lands are seized by humans”, precise The Independent . But in an interview with 20 minutes the 68-year-old filmmaker says he wants to tackle “different cultures”. Avatar 3 will therefore be centered on a new people of Na’vis, the Ash People, or the people of the ashes. The director of titanic wants “revealing the Nav’is from another angle” explaining that he has, for the moment, “shown only their good sides”. While the first two parts showed “very negative human examples and very positive Navi’s examples”the third “will do the opposite”. Even if this new people has a considerable place in the films to come, the filmmaker does not want to neglect the family of Jake Sully. He wanted to be reassuring, saying that the next films will explore “new universes while continuing the story of the main characters”.

The filming ofAvatar 3 is not finished yet. As for the fourth part of the saga, scheduled for December 2026, it is already in preparation. So little information circulates on these next two films, James Cameron assures that “the last parts will be the best”. The king of the box office sets the bar very high for the next Avatarclaiming that the first two “were an introduction, a way to set the table before serving the meal”.

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