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During the 80s he was the protagonist of some of the most hilarious comedies released on the big screen. Until Jonathan Demme asked him to show other facets that he was hiding. And so he let out the man with a thousand faces with whom all Hollywood directors have wanted to work, from Spielberg to Baz Luhrmann, who has given him the opportunity to become Elvis Presley’s manager. This role can win him another Oscar.

  1. 1984

    Bachelor party: Tom makes you laugh like nobody else

Hanks, in ‘Bachelor Party’.


He was the king of comedy during the 80s thanks to titles like ‘Bachelor Party’, ‘1, 2, 3, splash’, ‘This house is a ruin’ or ‘Big’, for which he became Oscar nominated. No one made people laugh like him or managed to sweep the box office with almost all the films in which he starred.

  1. 1993

    Philadelphia: Tom Turns to Drama

Hanks, in “Philadelphia.”


His choice for this Jonathan Demme film was a coup d’état. The director chose the king of comedy to put himself in the shoes of a homosexual lawyer who contracts HIV and is fired from the company he works for. He came out fine. Hanks showed that his career could go much further and that he was capable of facing bigger challenges than he had been offered up to then. He won an Oscar. The same year he also starred in ‘Something to Remember’, by Nora Ephron, along with Meg Ryan. Both are box office successes that catapult this actor.

  1. 1994

    Forrest Gump: Tom finds the character of his life

Hanks in “Forrest Gump.”


His second Oscar came with a dramatic comedy in which he played a mentally handicapped man who witnesses some of the most momentous events in American history. The image of the protagonist sitting on a bench while he waits for the bus is part of the collective memory of moviegoers.

  1. 1994

    Apollo 13: Tom travels to the moon

Hanks, in ‘Apollo 13’.

The Earth was too small for Hanks and he decided to travel to the moon as a crew member of Apollo 13, the most famous space vehicle in history. In this Ron Howard film, the actor played one of the astronauts selected by NASA to carry out the mission and who was lost in space, James Lovell. In fact, the real character participated in the film making a small cameo.

  1. 1998

    Saving Private Ryan: Meeting with Spielberg

Hanks, in ‘Saving Private Ryan’.


Spielberg and Hanks are one of the best couples in Hollywood in recent years. They worked together for the first time in ‘Saving Private Ryan’, but later they repeated in ‘Catch me if you can’, ‘The terminal’, ‘Bridge of spies’ or ‘The Pentagon files’. In the first, set in World War II, he plays a captain in search of a paratrooper who has lost all his brothers in combat.

  1. 2000

    Castaway: Tom loses kilos and gains a beard

Hanks, in ‘Cast Away’.


Hanks’s face changed completely to be the protagonist of ‘Cast Away’, since he had to grow a beard and lose kilos. It is one of those roles that imply a physical sacrifice. The character, a survivor of a plane crash, demanded it. The film, about how this man defends himself on a deserted island, turned out to be a well-done and entertaining job, which has since been imitated or inspired by series and other films.


  1. 2006

    The Da Vinci Code: Tom subscribes to the ‘best-seller’

Hanks, in ‘The Da Vinci Code’.


Now he denies her. He says it was silly. Many of us already knew that, even before seeing the film, especially if you had read Dan Brown’s ‘best-seller’. Both this and its continuation, ‘Angels and Demons’, are based on two books that accumulated a legion of followers. Hanks lent his face to the protagonist of the plot that revolved around a conspiracy theory about the Holy Grail.


  1. 2011

    Larry Crowne: Tom also directs

Hanks, in ‘Larry Crowne’.


Hanks went behind the cameras in this film (he had already made his directorial debut in ‘The Wonders’) in which he himself starred, about a man who must make a radical turn in his life and who makes the decision to return to the University. The actor reinvents himself in a story that speaks precisely of that need for change that some people experience.

  1. 2016

    Sully: Tom is getting older.

Hanks, in “Sully.”


Clint Eastwood also had no doubt that Hanks could become Captain Sully. A hero by accident who has no choice but to land on water after the plane has an incident. The more mature Hanks has extreme sensitivity and an amazing capacity for work.


Hanks, in “Elvis.”


‘Elvis’ is one of the movies of the season and in it Hanks plays a manager of the singer. A unique opportunity to meet the artist and all those who surrounded him. He has been honored by the Academy and has a chance to win his third Oscar.


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