Angelina Jolie against Brad Pitt for the vineyard in Provence. «What a winemaker. He is a petulant child »



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In the documents of the legal battle for the Chteau Miraval estate, the actress debunked her ex-husband’s version, according to which he was in charge of the vineyard. Meanwhile, the Maleficent star has rented Basquiat’s studio for $60,000 a month

Speaking to Wine Spectator in 2014, Brad Pitt described himself as a farmer, implying that he was more interested in the Chteau Miraval estate and winemaking than in the gilded world of showbiz. But his ex-wife Angelina Jolie took care of dismantling the bucolic picture, with whom in 2008 he had bought the vineyard in Provence and the winery, of which they both remained 50 percent owners until 2021, when the actress sold her stake to a Russian businessman, which prompted the actor to sue her the following year. In the new documents, presented by Jolie’s lawyers as part of the legal battle for the estate in the south of France, the woman completely contradicted Pitt’s version of how he would build their wine business, explaining that the ex-husband behaved like a petulant and…ridiculous child! after she sells her stake.

According to Page Six reports, Pitt would have been painted by Jolie as a sort of amateur in jeopardy who, despite considering himself a winemaker, was all about illusions, not land and grapes. At most he has visited the vineyards to admire the work of the French workers, who actually made the deal. Not happy, the actress has also increased the dose. During the years that he allegedly “built” the business, he worked tirelessly on set and appeared in dozens of films, not to mention countless promotional appearances, jet-setting around the world for film premieres and his attending Hollywood parties. Pitt is anything but a “vigneron”, concluded Jolie who is now asking her ex-husband for 350 million dollars in compensation, for having spent the money from the profits to renovate the swimming pool and build the recording studio.

THEWaiting for the actor’s rejoinder, the Maleficent star is focusing on his fashion label – Atelier Jolie – for which he has just rented a location worthy of the community of creatives he works with. This is Jean-Michel Basquiat’s studio apartment at 57 Great Jones Street in New York, which he snapped up for 60,000 dollars a month for the next 8 years. Distributed over three floors, for just over 600 square meters, the apartment’s facade is entirely decorated with street art and graffiti works which, as Jolie herself announced on Instagram, will not be removed, but will remain as a tribute to the genius of Basquiat.

July 11, 2023 (change July 11, 2023 | 3:13 pm)


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