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The life of Angelina Jolie (Los Angeles, USA, 47 years old) has been, since its inception, full of successes for more than 25 years: actress, businesswoman and director. She has also been in the news for her controversial divorce from Brad Pitt and the custody battle over her six children. But in recent years, one thing that has grabbed all the headlines is her charitable work on behalf of women, refugees and children. Now, the actress, somewhat further removed from the spotlight of the film industry, is embarking on a new adventure: creating her own clothing line, Atelier Jolie. But it does not pretend to be just another brand founded by one of her celebrities: with it, it will focus on reducing textile waste and promoting customer creativity.

british newspaper the sun revealed exclusively a month ago what Jolie was up to: “Angelina has been working on this project for over a year and is waiting for the trademark to be approved before moving forward.” It was the actress herself on her social networks who officially announced the news this Wednesday: “I’m starting something new: a space where everyone can create,” the publication begins. At the same time, the official account of the project was inaugurated with three photos and a message: “It will arrive in autumn 2023”.

Little was known about the idea until now, but with the official launch, the businesswoman has detailed what she expects from the brand: “Atelier Jolie is a place for creative people to collaborate with an expert and diverse family of experienced couturiers, pattern makers, and artisans from around the world. The idea stems from my appreciation and deep respect for the tailors and makers I have worked with over the years.” But, it will not be another line of clothing: “It comes from the desire to make use of the material vintage high quality and surplus fabric already available. It will also be part of a movement to further empower personal expression.” In other words, Jolie seeks to found a brand based on sustainability, whose bases will be the reduction of waste and waste, creativity and camaraderie. the american medium People She adds that the Oscar-winning actress wants Atelier Jolie to focus on “respecting and bringing awareness to people who rarely get recognition for making clothes, fabrics and embroidery.”

At the moment, only a statement signed by Jolie appears on the official website that expands the information on her Instagram account. “Everyone can create. Why then do we covet designer labels? Why just buy someone else’s design, when you can create it yourself? A writing in which she once again praises the work of the tailors: “Designers often sketch or approve designs, but it is the tailors who make the difference and who I really love to be with. And yet they rarely get the recognition and respect they deserve.”

Atelier Jolie will be a space in which fashion lovers can wear their already worn garments and create new ones with the help of others: “You will be able to repair or recycle the pieces of your wardrobe that you want to revive, perfecting the fit, breathing new life into what could have been thrown away and creating garments that can be inherited, of quality, with a personal meaning”. The statement concludes with a very direct message: “Be patient with me.”


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