Arnold Schwarzenegger and his Nazi father: ‘Overwhelmed by lies and deceit, he was a broken man’



The Austrian-born actor and former governor of California, Arnold Schwarzeneggerrecalled the his family’s Nazi past, which he hopes will serve as an example in the fight against anti-Semitism, a phenomenon that appears to be on the rise in the United States. In an interview with CNN, the star of terminators referred to his father, Gustav Schwarzeneggerwho was a member of the Nazi Party during World War II.

“My father, and millions of other men, they have been sucked into a system of hate through lies and deceit. And we’ve seen where it leads,” the actor said. “I saw for myself how broken this man was,” he continued, “the kind of atrocities that have happened. How many millions of people had to die and then ended up losers”. This “doesn’t work. I mean, we go and we get along. And love is more powerful than hate‘ he told the network.

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According to CNN, Schwarzenegger’s comments come in the context of an increase in levels of anti-Semitism and an increase in hate crimes in the United States.


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