Arnold Schwarzenegger takes a shovel and repairs a pothole on the road in Los Angeles –



Of Simon Marchetti

The former California governor posted a video on Twitter where he can be seen fixing a chasm that had been disrupting traffic in his neighborhood for three weeks. The clip got millions of views

They say that whoever does it by himself does it for three. And Arnold Schwarzenegger took the famous saying literally, single-handedly repairing a pothole that had been causing traffic problems in his Los Angeles neighborhood for weeks. Dressed in brown sweatpants, work boots and a leather jacket, the actor emptied a bag of hot mastic into the chasm and, aided by what he called my team, then spread it with the shovel, thus covering the dangerous hole.

Today, after the whole neighborhood raged about this giant pothole that’s been crashing cars and bikes for weeks, I went out with my team and fixed it. I always say: let’s not complain, let’s do something. Here you go, wrote Schwarzy himself commenting on the video posted on Twitter, where it surpassed 10.6 million views. In the clip we also see a motorist who stops curious to observe the former governor of California at work.

crazy thing. I have been waiting for three weeks for this hole to be repaired, the actor tells her, explaining what he is doing and the woman, in response, thanks him warmly and leaves.

April 13, 2023 (change April 13, 2023 | 11:34 am)


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