Bertrand Chameroy’s failed attempt to get closer to Jennifer Aniston in “C à vous”



Bertrand Chameroy facing Jennifer Aniston in “C à vous” this Wednesday Screenshot

The columnist of the France 5 talk show hoped to create a link with the star actress of Friendswithout success.

“Well tried”, dropped Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine to Bertrand Chameroy. This Wednesday, on the occasion of the release of the film Murder Mystery 2, the “C à vous” team received Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston.

The latter, ultra-popular since her role as Rachel in the series Friends , also launched its hair cosmetics brand. A pretext for the columnist of the “ABC” who attempted a rapprochement with the actress.

“In a video, you tested your product on Adam’s beard”, commented Bertrand Chameroy, observing the sequence where the actress massaged the lower face of her film sidekick. Neither one nor two, the journalist, who released a lotion, pointed out factually “to have a beard too” before asking his American interlocutor if she “would agree to show him how to do it”.

Jennifer Aniston’s Promise

Surprised, Jennifer Aniston does not have time to answer because Adam Sandler spontaneously got up to deal with the face of the columnist. “Exactly what I expected”, exclaimed ironically Bertrand Chameroy after a somewhat brutal massage from the actor. A sequence that did not fail to make the assembly around the table laugh.

To comfort him, Jennifer Aniston still made a promise to his interlocutor. “When my products are available in France, I will give you the demo at that time” she concluded.


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