Brad Pitt in “Le Monde”, the embodiment of a Hollywood career



American actor Brad Pitt, at the London premiere of the film

Dyears the movie babylonby Damien Chazelle, in theaters since January 18, Brad Pitt plays Jack Conrad, a silent film star who struggles to adapt to talkies, in the midst of Hollywood’s metamorphosis in the 1920s. Along with the release of the film reappeared in the press and on social networks a legal procedure, revealed by the New York Times in October 2022, in which the American actor is accused of physical violence against his children and his ex-girlfriend Angelina Jolie. The first gray area in his great film career.

Brad Pitt may have made an impression as a sexy hitchhiker in Thelma and Louise of Ridley Scott, in 1991, it is mentioned for the first time in The world that next year. In his review of the independent American film Johnny Suede, by Tom DiCillo (Jim Jarmusch’s cinematographer), titled “Le petit malin”, Colette Godard evokes April 24, 1992 the “personal charm” of the future star: “He looks all round, very young, without a gram of malice, and has a safe job”, writes the journalist.

“Shamelessly inspired by the ways of Steve McQueen, Pitt ridicules his cadets and asserts his status as Clooney’s equal. Journalist Thomas Sotinel in 2002

Since then, the actor has been regularly quoted at the rate of criticism of the great box office successes in which he participated: And in the middle flows a river (1992)by Robert Redford; Interview with a Vampire (1994), by Neil Jordan; Where Seven years in Tibet (1997), by Jean-Jacques Annaud. In 2002, Thomas Sotinel tells “the association of superstars” what is the blockbuster Ocean’s Eleven, signed Steven Soderbergh. For the journalist, Brad Pitt “takes the lion’s share” from the prologue. He specifies : “Shamelessly inspired by the ways of Steve McQueen, Pitt ridicules his cadets and asserts his status as Clooney’s equal. »

At first Brad Pitt seems to be a movie star like the others. His name pops up even in the travel pages of the newspaper, about the island of Anguilla, the “tropic of the dollar”, according to Nicolas Bourcier, at the end of 2007. In this Caribbean tax haven, Pitt notably meets Robert De Niro or Denzel Washington, on Christmas or New Year’s Eve.

Digital avatars

In February 2009, journalist Claudine Mulard describes the creation of digital avatars of Brad Pitt, on the occasion of the release of the film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, by David Fincher, where the character goes from infant to old man before physically transforming in the opposite direction. pitt, “having a right to look at his image”, participates in the whole process, nourished by two decades of career. The “digital cosmetic surgeons” used the face of the star in Thelma and Louise.

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