Braveheart on tv. Animal rights activists against Mel Gibson, the anachronistic kilt and the refusal of Sean Connery: the 15 secrets



Styasera airs (at 21.15 on Sky Cinema Oscar ) “Braveheart”, a film directed by and starring Mel Gibson. The film is set in the 12th century and tells the story of Scottish patriot William Wallace who leads his people against the English occupying army of King Edward I Plantagenet (Patrick McGoohan). At first Wallace is reluctant to fight but when the oppressors kill Murron (Catherine McCormack), the childhood friend William secretly married, he decides to consecrate his life to Scottish independence and the fight for freedom. At the head of an army of compatriots, he repeatedly defeats the enemy forces and manages to bring to his side even the French princess Isabella (Sophie Marceau), wife of the heir to the British throne with whom he also has a romantic relationship. In the end, for the betrayal of the Scottish nobles, he will not allow Wallace to complete his mission. Although full of historical inaccuracies and some rhetorical passages, “Braveheart” is a film full of pathos, with powerful and wonderful scenes (apart from some shots in the Scottish Highlands, almost all of the film was shot in Ireland). Unforgettable is the speech that Wallace gives on horseback before the battle of Stirling in which he manages to spur his troops and convince them not to abandon the field. The film was a great success at the box office: costing 72 million dollars, it grossed 213. At the 1996 Oscars it received 10 nominations and won 5 Oscars: Best film, Best director, Best photography, Best make-up, Best sound editing. While waiting for the airing, here are 15 things you may not know.


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