Cannes Film Festival 2023, the votes for the looks: Maye Musk she-devil (8), Scarlett Johansson wrap (6), Tom Hanks listless (5) and Matt Dillon bagged (5/6)


A confirmation. Elon Musk’s «Mommy dear», the 75-year-old supermodel and writer Maye Musk, as soon as she arrived on the red carpet of the premiere of Wes Anderson’s «Asteroid City» made it clear. She always has a plan ready. Just like the title of her book released in early 2023: «Maye Musk. A woman must have a plan.” What to go up the Croisette was: to appear as Miranda, the devil director of the film “The Devil Wears Prada”. Haircut identical to the one sported by Meryl Streep in the film and attitude of «Mommy dear», the one that gives the title to the autobiographical novel by Christina Crawford, the adopted daughter of Joan Crawford. Copper-colored dress in sequins applied on the bias, lightning effect look. It will be all together that then pushed Elon to become who she is she. Also because at the launch of her book, Mommy Dearest declared (or rather she pretended to let it slip, actually!), Elon is not her perfect and favorite son. Of the three she has, it is not Tosca, the producer and director, but the other “male”, the eldest son Kimbal, an entrepreneur in the restaurant business. At this point we feel like joining the sarcastic Miranda in a Prada dress, when she says: «Pure avant-garde».

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