Chris Hemsworth goes from the Marvel universe to that of sharks on Disney+



PORTRAIT – Adventurer at heart, the actor is at the center of a spectacular new documentary co-produced with National Geographic. Portrait.

It is already in collaboration with the National Geographic television channel that Chris Hemsworth pushed the limits of the human body in 2022, completing six challenges in a report-format series produced by Disney.

He tries the adventure again in a short film which will be released in France on July 7 on the platform Disney+ entitled : Chris Hemsworth meets the sharks. Everything is in the title. This production committed to the environment and animal protection is further proof of the actor’s values. A great opportunity to discover the man behind the Marvel armor since 2011.


Christopher Hemsworth was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1983. Coming from an ordinary family, his siblings, however, have nothing classic about them. Her older brother, Luke, is known in Hollywood for his acclaimed performance in the acclaimed science fiction series, Westworld . The youngest, Liam, is recognized for his presence on the poster of the saga The Hunger Games. He is announced to take over the role of Geralt de Riv in The Witcher, on Netflix next season.

Cadet ‘Chris’ rose to fame in his native Australia with the soap opera Man and Away. French equivalent of More beautiful life, which recounts the joys and misfortunes of the inhabitants of the Summer Bay residence. He played there from 2003 to 2007, before taking off for the United States. He quickly got noticed and hired for prestigious productions like Wolverine or of G.I. Joe, without getting the roles. Before making his international debut in the blockbuster star trek in 2009. But this comes before the major turning point in his career which occurs in 2011 when the film Thor by Kenneth Branagh (Harry Potter: Chamber of Secrets, Hamlet, Dunker) was released in theaters, propelling the young Australian to the rank of leading actor in the Marvel universe.

Chris Hemsworth is one of Hollywood’s most popular actors… and also often ranked among the sexiest actors.

It seems pointless to recall the myriad of films that have incorporated the character of the sexy and funny viking, like the saga avengers or the many sequels of the film Thor : The world of darkness (2013), Ragnarok (2017), Love and Thunder (2022)… So many opuses that meet worldwide box office successes and help to make Chris Hemsworth one of the most popular actors in Hollywood… and also very often ranked among the sexiest actors.

norse god

This success as the Norse God comes at a costly price for the actor. Apart from his productions in collaboration with Marvel, his cinematographic projects are struggling to take off at the box office and / or in reviews. Like: Rush (2013), hacker (2015), In the heart of the ocean (2015), The Hunter and the Ice Queen (2016), Ghostbusters (2016), Bad Times at the El Royal (2018), MIB: International (2019). So many films that have brought more than disappointing results. However, Chris Hemsworth ends up bouncing outside of the Marvel Universe in 2019, thanks to Netflix production Tyler Rake, in which he plays a mercenary sent to Afghanistan for a mission of high tension exfiltration of a hostage. It’s a full box, it climbs into the second half of the ranking of the most viewed films of all time on the platform. The eponymous sequel is ordered in stride for 2023, and the second installment of the recently released blockbuster causes a similar event on Netflix.

It is in 2022 that he announces a break from the world of cinema for an indefinite period. Following his diagnosis, which upset him, of a strong predisposition to Alzheimer’s disease during the filming of the series Limitless of Disney+ and an infernal sequence of 12 months of filming for Mad Max: Furiosa (2024) and Tyler Rake 2. The actor says he wants to devote himself to his family founded with his wife, actress Elsa Pataky (Fast and Furious) since 2010. Together, they are the proud parents of three children, a daughter and twins. The family has left Los Angeles since 2014 for the native land of Chris Hemsworth, the country of Kangaroos between Melbourne and Byron Bay on the east coast of Australia.

What about the future of the actor’s career? Following the release in 2022 of the fourth opus of the saga Thor, he confided in an interview: “I’m going to come back to do even more before I get fired”, in a joking tone, while adding, “I love playing it. My whole career has been based on the fact that I play this character… We’ll see what the fans want” when talking about his favorite character. We will have to expect to find him with the cape and the hammer for several more films. On the side of Warner Bros in 2024, the film Furiosa of George Miller prequel of the very famous Mad Max: Fury Road, starring Anya Taylor Joy, is currently filming. Chris Hemsworth will play the central role of Dr. Dementus. To conclude the future filmography of the actor, it is a return to the origins announced for 2026 and 2027 with respectively Avengers: The Kang Dynasty And Avengers: Secret Wars, two opuses announced as the official conclusion of the saga of the Multiverse, that is to say of the Avengers and affiliates.


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