Clint Eastwood may be shooting his last movie



Clint Eastwood at the 2007 Golden Globes IPU

According to an American site the great American actor is preparing to direct Juror number 2 which could be his ultimate work. The scenario of this feature film would resemble to be mistaken that of the Seventh Juror (1962) by Georges Lautner with the unforgettable Bernard Blier.

After almost 60 years of career, the Hollywood monument, Clint Eastwood, could bow out with a 40e film as a director. This thriller, the 40th of his immense career, is called Juror number 2 according to the American site Discussing Movie. The synopsis, revealed by the same source, tells the story of a man guilty of murder who will become a juror in the trial of his own crime.

This psychological thriller has already been staged by George Lautner in 1962 in The Seventh Juror. The French actor Bernard Blier camped the role of a serial killer, before the letter, who by the chance of a draw, found himself on the side of the jurors who have the difficult task of judging the men in a courtroom. This frame was inspired by the homonymous novel by Francis Didelot released in 1958. It is not known at the time these lines are written whether Clint Eastwood took as a model the literary work or the film of the director of uncle gunslingers. Nothing has yet been revealed about the cast or the shooting date. In all likelihood the filmmaker would still be looking for an actor for the lead role.

If Clint Eastwood’s last film Cry Macho enjoyed relative success due to the closing of theaters during the covid epidemic, he remains one of the most bankable directors in Hollywood. No one has forgotten that in 2003 he gleaned four statuettes with Million Dollar Baby: Oscars for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actress and Best Supporting Actor.

One thing is certain, Clint Eastwood’s final achievement will be eagerly awaited by his many fans and critics. Directing actors is a demanding job but we can be sure, if his health allows it, to see the inoxidable Clint Eastwood play again.

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