Drew Barrymore talks about the stormy relationship with his mother: “He created a monster and he didn’t know how to control it” | Fashion



Drew Barrymore (California, 48 years old), legendary girl star of ET, unforgettable actress of Charlie’s Angels and successful host of her own television entertainment show, has never hidden that her relationship with her parents, particularly with her mother, has never been been easy. When she began her career as a child actress, her mother, Jaid Barrymore, a daughter of Hungarian immigrants who came to the United States in the 1950s to make a living and who in the 1970s married Drew’s father, actor John Drew Barrymore, had already been divorced and lived essentially from being her daughter’s manager, although not so much from her upbringing.

Drew’s mother, herself, was an actress in a few minor productions in the early 1980s, but she was the sweet and unmistakable comedic face to her daughter, who was six when she became a global star thanks to ET, the main source of family resources. Barrymore has recounted on more than one occasion how her mother took her with her to the Studio 54 nightclub, where she let her drink alcohol as if she were another adult: at only 12 years old she had to go through an addiction rehabilitation center. Later, at the initiative of her mother, she was hospitalized for a year and a half in a psychiatric center. Drew no longer holds a grudge against her mother for what happened in those years although, as she told New York magazine two days ago, her childhood was terribly stormy for both of them: “The decisions my mother made were based on events that occurred in home and that certainly were not easy for her. She created a monster and she didn’t know how to control it.

Barrymore, who for years has made the confessional tone and self-help messages her leitmotiv, expressed candidly in said interview: “I am envious of many of my friends who, when their mothers died, were finally able to put everything that happened to them in their place and they understood themselves better. I don’t have that luxury and I can’t wait to have it.” These statements have been misinterpreted by some media, including the Page Six portal, dependent on the New York Post, which has maliciously summarized her words and has titled: “ Drew Barrymore wants his mother to die.”

The actress was forced yesterday to make a clarification from her own social networks in which she explained that not only was this misrepresentation malicious, but these bad intentions have been ruining her life since she was a child: “Do not twist my words. I have not said that and I would never say it. At present, according to the testimony of the actress herself, her relationship with her mother, for some years, is relatively cordial and sometimes they communicate, especially by text messages. To her father, who died aged 72 from cancer, after a lifetime of alcoholism and drug dependency, he paid for all the treatment for his disease. It was she who scattered his ashes in the place he requested: the Joshua Tree park.


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