Drew Barrymore’s house is full of animals rescued from the street: cats, dogs and a bearded dragon live in harmony



“I have four stray cats and have never considered buying one from a store.” Drew Barrymore, the child prodigy of ET and Hollywood celebrity followed by over 17 million followers on Instagram alone, has an immense passion for animals. In addition to her cats, two dogs and a bearded dragon also live with her. She posted a video on TikTok in which one of her cats, Lucky, purrs and rubs against Jeremy, the pet reptile: “He’s your friend,” says the American actress, and the cat seems to reply, “Yeah.” . Barrymore captioned the video with “People often ask do all my pets get along…” and again: “I don’t know how, but they all get along!”.

The unusual friendship between a cat and a bearded dragon in Drew Barrymore’s house

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TikTok users love this odd couple. Among the comments reads: “Of course, Drew Barrymore lives in a world where all animals love each other. How could he not?”. And again: “Cats don’t understand much, but that cat is literally petting the lizard when he says they are friends. He means it!”; “Drew, in my eyes you are a total Disney princess”; “They get along so well because they learned love from their mom.”

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Convinced animal lover, the actress (but also TV presenter, author, director and producer), has rescued several animals in the course of her life: “The first pets I had for myself were two cats from a shelter when I was a teenager and I lived alone. I wanted to create a more familiar environment. And I couldn’t have loved them more.” The four in her family today were brought into the Manhattan home with the help of her daughters: Olive, 10, and Frankie, 8. “I thought there were so many cats that needed to be rescued. I never thought about buying one from a store,” she said. The family adopted Peach and Lucky about six years ago and then welcomed felines Big Kitty and Little Kitty Barrymore about four years later.

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“I love seeing animals first thing in the morning and when they’re sleeping on my bed,” Barrymore told People of her seven pets, noting that they all get along. Cats hold a special place in her heart.


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