Elon Musk announces the development of a new artificial intelligence tool


The billionaire wants to develop an instrument “in search of maximum truth that tries to understand the nature of the universe”.

And a new project for Elon Musk. During an interview Monday on Fox News, the boss of Tesla and Twitter revealed his next challenge: to develop an artificial intelligence (AI) tool, “TruthGPT”. It will be “maximum-truth-seeking AI that tries to understand the nature of the universe,” says Elon Musk. Before adding “that this might be the best route to safety in the sense that an AI that cares about understanding the universe is unlikely to wipe out humans because we are an interesting part of the universe.” Elon Musk had already founded in March a new company specializing in artificial intelligence, called X.AI.

This announcement will not surprise many specialists in a context where the ChatGPT conversational robot has been upsetting the digital world and many professions, in their practice, for a few weeks. “AI is more dangerous than poorly managed aircraft design or production maintenance or poor car production in the sense that it has the potential for civilizational destruction”, dreads Elon Musk. If the interview had been recorded, it allows the business manager to have less negative news than that of this Monday: the SpaceX rocket, the largest in the world, has been postponed following a technical problem.

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