Everything we know about Napoleon, the series that Steven Spielberg is going to bring to HBO Max




The director pick up again a project that Stanley Kubrick could not finish

Everything we know about Napoleon
Steven Spielberg at the Berlin Film FestivalYouTube / Berlinale

Steven Spielberg spoke in the Berlin Film Festival 2023where I received the Honorary Golden Bearabout his next job. Is about Napoleona television series for HBO that part of a project started by stanley kubrick decades ago. Also implicated in this title are the widow and brother-in-law of the filmmaker who died in 1999.

The American director announced: “With the cooperation of Christiane Kubrick and Jan Harlanwe are setting up a great production for HBO based on the original script by Stanley. We are working on Napoleon as a seven-part miniseries.

According to Deadline, the ‘biopic’ of Napoleon Bonaparte It was an ambitious project stanley kubrick had planned to shoot after the success of 2001: A Space Odyssey. The director did extensive research on this historical figure and wanted to shoot the film in France, the UK and Romania with 40,000 extras as soldiers. It came to be considered that Jack Nicholson either david hemmings will star in the film, while audrey hepburn will interpret Josephinethe wife of the French leader.

The project was abandoned due to its high cost and also due to the commercial failure of waterloo and War and peaceof Sergui Bondarchuk, in the time It is believed that kubrick repurposed some of his research for the development of Barry Lyndon in 1975.

Steven Spielberg has been involved in Napoleon since 2013, with the intention of turning the title into a miniseries that should reach HBO Max in the future. In 2016 it was announced that Cary Fukunaga (true detective) was going to be the director of the production.

The film that united Spielberg and Kubrick

Director of The Fabelmans previously picked up an unfinished work of stanley kubrick. He acquired the rights to the futuristic story Super toys last all summerof brian aldiss, and worked on its adaptation for more than 20 years. However, in 1995 he handed over the project to Spielbergwho with him shaped the film AI Artificial Intelligence.

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