F1, Gp Silverstone: Verstappen is the fastest in free practice. Sainz second, Leclerc stopped due to an electrical problem. And Brad Pitt is also on the track



SILVERSTONE – An electrical problem prevented Charles Leclerc from returning to the track on a sunny afternoon at Silverstone for the second free practice session. However, Carlos Sainz’s Ferrari compensated for the absence of his teammate with a good second time ((1:28.100) achieved in the 24 laps completed on the English circuit. The best time was set by (must we say it?) Max Verstappen : 1:28.078, only 22 thousandths less than the Spanish Ferrari driver The real surprise of the day was Williams who, with Albon, reaffirmed the third fastest time of the morning, while it was a difficult Friday for Mercedes.

But there were other news/indiscretions that enlivened the paddock: for example, learning of a delegation from the F1 world led by Stefano Domenicali received from Downing Street by the Secretary of State: among the arguments, the motoring world asked for a rethinking of the Brexit, which puts the teams and the whole organization in great difficulty.

Or the words of Toto Wolff, that nothing is being held in this period. The Mercedes boss said flatly that, according to him, an eleventh team could only create damage to safety, rather than benefits to entertainment and business. Any reference to Audi is purely coincidental.

Finally, Ferrari. Just Sainz believes that the English wind (pretty strong) will help the Reds understand how to move and what changes to make on the car in the future. For the moment, the wind is pushing the Rossa astern. We’ll see in qualifying.

Leclerc 5th in the morning

A serene morning of pure training, to regain confidence with the single-seater, eventually shake off some rust, adapt and adapt the car to the new circuit. Here’s what the first free practice of the grand prix was like Silverstone 2023, which has therefore officially kicked off. Who knows, maybe even the fake car of Brad Pittthe one they will use for the film whose scenes will also be shot during this race (we will even be able to see him on the grid, very secluded of course), would have made his impression.

Seriously, the free (especially the first ones) should always be taken with the benefit of the inventory. Each team ‘plays’ with its own cars. After fifty minutes (of the sixty scheduled for the session), Charles Leclerc he was in position 1. And Verstappen was seventh fastest. How why? The Red Bull of the two world champion had done a few laps, had set the best time and then had gone back to the locker room. Sorry, in the pits. So, just to leave room for others. And so, little by little, Ferrari had improved its times. But, why exaggerate? We’re just on the appetizer… and so the Monegasque too has seen fit to cool the boils.

However, in the Cesarini area at Red Bull they have decided to restore the world order (“Do you ever want the rest of the world to think of subverting the balance?) and here is the one/two of Verstappen & Perez: 1:28.600 and 1 :29.048. It’s ok. However, in this podium without medals, here is the Williams of Alexande Albon, to the happiness of the British, of the house and of the fans in the stands. Then Fernando Alonso, then Charles Leclerc, Ocon and Sainz. And the Mercedes? Ouch ouch ouch, judging by the first round. Hamilton twelfth, Russell fourteenth.
For this reason, no one believes in free practice anymore.


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