Fedez and the audition in Hollywood for a film with Jennifer Aniston: “A great impression”



“I arrive, the girl locks me in a room, gives me a fake gun and tells me ‘hey, act'”. “And how did she go?”. “Well, I think I made a great impression”. Fedez reveals, during the latest episode of his podcast Wild Moss, having auditioned in Hollywood. The rapper said he was considered for a part in the cast of the Hollywood film for Netflix with Jennifer Aniston And Adam Sandler. Murder mysteries.

The audition

“I also had a fake mannequin that I had to take by the throat, point a gun at it and say ‘I spoke in English my whole life, stupid idiot!”, says the singer causing hilarity in the other conductor, Luis Saland in the guest of the episode, Fabio Rovazzi. The rapper briefly tells the episode also in the stories of Instagram, where he shows the clip of the film in which his bit part is played by the actor who was then taken for the film. The rapper commented on the piece posted on social media with “Wasted opportunity”, also because that film had great success with the public.

The film

A comedy with a yellow flavor, with Aniston and Sandler, who, during a trip organized to rediscover love and understanding, find themselves grappling with the death of an elderly billionaire. Twists, irony, vicissitudes and laughter follow. The same ingredients underlie the second chapter, which will always be released on the streaming platform on March 31st.

Fedez and Rovazzi

Rovazzi and Fedez met for the first time a Wild Moss after five years. Their friendship ended in a quarrel of which much was never known and in the last episode the two tried to look inside themselves to understand the real reasons for the estrangement. “Tell me if I’m wrong, I think you and I were a bit in a delusion of omnipotence. Don’t you think?” Fedez asked at one point. “Not in my opinion. Yes, we were cog ***, but not that.” was Rovazzi’s answer.


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