From Pharrell Williams to Brad Pitt, the stars take the beauty



During the men’s fashion shows for spring-summer 2024, Pharrell Williams, making his debut with his highly anticipated collection as creative director of Louis Vuitton, issued a statement in which he announced that the skincare of the models on the catwalk was signed by Humanrace, his brand founded in 2020 and which, despite his multiple activities – designer / pop star / music producer – he has never neglected. “Besides,” he explains Pharrell“Humanrace serves to improve the quality of life. It is a brand that democratizes well-being. It is not like others who promise. My products ensure results, solutions and sensations. And sensations are important: we live in a world that needs it badly”.

Pharell William founded Humanrace in 2020

Evan Mock is Creative Director of Good Weird

But if the testimonial is a job that men have managed since the times when Alain Delonby the pool, advertised Sauvage by Dior, founding a skincare brand (or nail polish as in the case of Harry Styles) is unprecedented. In fact, it is a question of entering into the merits of formulas, productions, vision. “Brad (Pitt, ed) is involved in all the key decisions related to Le Domaine skincare. He has been instrumental in the design and philosophy of the brand (organic, circular, upcycling…). He loves testing the cosmetics we are developing and is very demanding in terms of the pleasantness of the textures and the effectiveness of the formulas”, he says Marc Perrin, co-founder of the company. The brand, according to Perrin, is doing very well: “We have excellent feedback and a very high reorder rate”. Brad Pitt’s skincare purchases “are 55 percent men and 45 percent women. Those who want to age well and are looking for clean, truly effective cosmetics”. Younger and more transversal is the target of Good Weird, a hybrid brand of make-up and creams of which Evan Mockactor (Gossip Girl), skateboarder and model, is creative director: “Apart from the products, I like the idea of ​​the brand. Good Weird (“strange but in a positive way”, ed) means being brave, putting yourself out there and not conforming. I am excited to help redefine the standards of beauty for my generation,” she says. And in Italy? Except Fedez who launched a nail polish capsule years ago, Achilles Lauro a make-up collection (Mulac), Alexander Gassman a fleeting appearance for Ferragamo’s Attimo and Rkomi for Paco Rabanne’s One Million, nothing new on the horizon.


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