Gary Lineker attacks Elon Musk on Twitter after threats to his son George –



Gary Lineker, who has just been reinstated by the BBC after his suspension following the clash with the British government, attacks Twitter owner Elon Musk to protect his son George

He doesn’t back down from anything Gary Linekerwho in the last few hours has even challenged the boss of Twitter Elon Musk for a threatening message sent by a user to his child George in the wake of the tug of war between the TV presenter and the BBC. The conductor of Match Of The Day —

who was reinstated on Monday — he tweeted a screenshot of a private message in which the user in question describes his son, guilty in his eyes for having defended his father in the dispute with the broadcaster, like a cup that is to be burned at the stake. The intervention of the former attacker was immediate who, tagging the US tycoon directly, wanted to reply: is all of this acceptable? And I don’t mean grammar.

From there the revolt of colleagues, coaches and players, which forced the issuer to step back and reinstate the former striker. The latter for his part has guaranteed to be more cautious in the future with his utterances, while the BBC will review its guidelines on impartiality: As difficult as the last few days have been, what I have experienced cannot be compared to having to flee one’s home, persecution or war to seek refuge in a distant land, Lineker reiterated at the end of the soap opera.

March 14, 2023 (change March 14, 2023 | 12:34)


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