George Clooney helped rebuild a Var town devastated by floods



American actor George Clooney in Rome, May 2019. Tiziana FABI / AFP

The Hollywood star paid 20,000 euros to the town of Val after major bad weather in 2021, the mayor of the small town recently disclosed.

The city councilors of the Var commune did not expect to receive such a check, signed with such a name. In October 2021, floods swept over the Var department and disfigured, among other things, the pretty little town of Val. No casualties were reported, but several homes were nevertheless devastated and the town suffered significant material damage. Not enough to seek direct state aid, but substantial enough for Le Var and its approximately 4,200 inhabitants. The situation then reaches the ears of a new neighbor with a heart as ample as the wallet: George Clooney.

The Hollywood star had just moved a few months earlier to Brignoles, the former capital of the Counts of Provence and, incidentally, the neighbor of Val. He hears about the bad weather that has hit the town, already particularly affected by major floods in 2019, and decides to put his hand in his pocket. His discreet outpouring of generosity amounted to 20,000 euros.

Kept secret for more than a year, this unexpected sponsorship allowed the municipality of Le Val to relocate several victims for six months, “time to clean their house, to get back in working order too”, Mayor Jérémy Giuliano told France Bleu. The city councilor revealed this week the story of the mysterious sponsor who supported Le Val in the fall of 2021, thanking the gesture “very charming and beautifulby George Clooney, reports Var Morning .

The aid provided to the Var commune is not the actor’s first humanitarian largesse. In the summer of 2021, George Clooney also intervened alongside the victims of a village located around Lake Como, in northern Italy, following historic floods. “He was really upset and said he wanted to help, had told the Times the mayor of Laglio, Roberto Pozzi, in July. He came directly to the town hall to see what had happened and we went around the damage. By chance, the actor also owned a house nearby.

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