Grammy 2023, Jennifer Lopez “scolds” Ben Affleck in front of the cameras. “Stop it, try to be more involved” –



Of Simon Marchetti

During the evening the actor appeared terribly bored by the show he was watching and didn’t bother to hide it, thus forcing his wife to film it in front of everyone. The video of the fight later went viral

Invited to present the award for Best Album of the Year, Jennifer Lopez was assigned a front row table at the Grammy Awards ceremony which took place on Sunday, February 5 in Los Angeles. Which means she and husband Ben Affleck — the two were making their debut as a married couple at such a momentous event — had a camera trained on them pretty much the whole time. And it was precisely the merciless eye of the camera to immortalize a bored Affleck version but what the hell am I doing here? during Stevie Wonder’s performance, while his wife squirmed to the music.

The little amused (euphemism) face of the actor was instantly parodied on social media, with comments like Ben Affleck would rather be at the dentist than at the Grammys, Looks like he’s looking for an emergency exit to leave quickly, As bad as you’re having a day, I promise you won’t be as miserable as Ben Affleck at the Grammys right now . But the climax was reached when the evening’s presenter, Trevor Noah, sat down next to the couple for one of his monologues. In the video in fact, Affleck is seen whispering something in JLo’s ear who, in response, has an irritated snap, to which the actor replies with an equally annoyed expression, followed by a brief verbal exchange, which ends with the two who, realizing that they have been filmed, they try to give themselves a (fake) relaxed attitude.

The awkward moment ended up online and the Daily Mail hired a lip-reading expert to transcribe the discord dialogue. Stop it, try to be friendlier and more involved, is Lopez’s reproach to Affleck who, in return, replies angrily Maybe. The next day JLo tried to patch things up on Instagram. Always the best moment with my love, my husband, she wrote in the caption accompanying the clip with the most important moments of the evening. And at least in those images Affleck has a face if not exactly cheerful, at least involved. As the wife wanted.

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