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American actor Harrison Ford, awarded a surprise Palme d'Or, at the Cannes Film Festival, May 20, 2023.

It’s raining on the Cannes Film Festival, and on the hut under which Harrison Ford takes his breakfast. The actor inspects the solidity of the structure: “It holds”, he mumbles into his coffee, which he spits out shortly after, with a hint of disgust. In his early days, he was also a carpenter – it was while watching him tinker with his house that George Lucas decided to entrust him with his first significant role, in American Graffiti (1973), before the saga Star Wars propels his career into another galaxy.

Here we are, for our part, propelled to Antibes (Alpes-Maritimes), in the sodden gardens of the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc, where the promotion ofIndiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny planted its pickets. Directed by one of the finest watchmakers of the Hollywood machinery, James Mangold, the fifth part of the adventures of the archaeologist is presented out of competition on the Croisette, a good month before its release in French cinemas, Wednesday June 28.

It is, to put it briefly, a time odyssey: the film straddles the ages with a lot of special effects, with a predilection for the end of the 1960s, which sees the advanced age of the protagonist come up against the deafening turbines of modernity. Whip at half mast, felt tired, Professor Jones does not lead far. “My character is mired in the past, describes Harrison Ford, in a calm and hollow voice. Not in the archaeological past, but in his own past. He’s asleep at the wheel, discouraged, disillusioned: he’s lost his son, he’s losing his wife, he’s losing interest in life. At university, he tries to pass on his passion to young people who are not interested in it. They project themselves into the future, without looking back. »

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On this chilly May morning, the actor looks himself in the coal tar. The interview started a good hour late, his eyes often get lost in his eggs, which he barely touches. He always ends up, however, recovering his senses – like his character, again. “This woman, played by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, tumbles from Indiana’s past, continues the actor. She reminds him of who he is. It gives him the effect of a slap. It operates, then, a last leap forward. » We allow ourselves to reproduce the expression used by Harrison Ford in English: “last forward motion”a nod to “fast forward motion”, “fast forward”. So he chooses his words, with wit and playfulness.

“Confronting the Age of Indiana Jones”

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