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The British actor Daniel Radcliffe, known worldwide since he was a child for having played the role of Harry Potter in the series of films about the young wizard, awaits the birth of his first child with his partner, the also American actress Erin Darke, as published exclusively Daily Mirror. “They told their families and friends recently. It is a very exciting moment”, a source close to the couple has assured the British tabloid, the same one that says that both are “absolutely excited” with the news and eager to “become a family of three”.

This will be the first child for Daniel Radcliffe, 33, and Erin Darke, 38, and is expected to be born at the end of 2023. Although the interpreter has always been very discreet in terms of his private life, yes, in On some occasion he has expressed his desire to be a father and to protect his children from fame. “I want my children, if and when they exist…I would love for them to be near movie sets, but I wouldn’t want fame for them. Movie sets are wonderful places, but it’s really the fame side that should be avoided at all costs,” he told the magazine. Newsweek in during an interview published in October 2022.

The couple met a decade ago, in 2013, when they both coincided in the filming of the film murderous loves, from director John Krokidas, in which he played the poet of the Beat generation Allen Ginsberg and they shared a sex scene. “It will be a great story to tell our children one day because of what our characters do with each other,” the British actor joked in an interview for PeopleTV in 2019. For now, it was the first and the last film in which both interpreters have coincided.

Since the beginning of their relationship, Radcliffe and Darke have kept a low profile. There are very few times that the British have spoken of his partner. “Doing the most mundane things with her, like just going shopping, is a joy. It’s fun. I never thought that going to the supermarket would be such a fun experience, and I’m sure it sounds very sad. But it is the joy that that person can bring to those activities that, if she were not there, would be boring. It is the fact that she is there is what makes them incredible ”, he explained in 2019 for PeopleTV. In 2020, she also talked about her relationship in an interview for the magazine Radio Times from the British BBC: “I grew up doing a lot of things that made me think: ‘This is so weird. I’ll never be able to do this with a girl.’ But that’s the wonderful thing about the moment when you find the person you’re supposed to be with. I can do all these things and she doesn’t care.”

Like public declarations of love, red carpet appearances by the couple have also been very rare. The second time that Radcliffe and Darken posed together was in March 2022, when the protagonist of Harry Potter went with the interpreter of Always Alice to the presentation of his new film, The lost City. Both were happy and in love in front of the cameras, something that had not happened since 2014, when the couple posed together for the first time at the Tony Awards ceremony.

Radcliffe rose to fame in 2001 as the young and inexperienced wizard Harry Potter at just 12 years old. That role meant that he almost automatically became a star on the entire planet, but also, and as he himself has revealed on several occasions, that was something that he did not know how to assimilate and pushed him to alcoholism. “In my case, the quickest way to forget that I was being scrutinized all the time by everyone was to get really drunk. And when you’re drunk, you think, ‘Oh, people look at me even more, but it’s because I’m so drunk, so maybe I should drink more to ignore them even more.’ There is no way out of that when you start to be so young, ”said the protagonist in 2019 in an interview in which he also claimed not to have regretted having been part of the famous saga created by JK Rowling.


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