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As a preteen in the early eighties, I don’t consider The cabin the most terrifying thing that Mercero filmed but Bea de Blue summer walking along the beach to the choral cry of “not even the wind touches it”. The idea that the arrival of “that” would become a festival to which everyone was invited terrified me. I was lucky, it coincided with the One two Three and nobody paid attention because in my house a vulgar rite of passage could not compete with Mayra. That chapter was an abnormality, the rule, menstruation, period, or the sinister “being bad”, was not mentioned on television and hardly outside of it.

Things haven’t changed much. A menstrual cup in a series generates thousands of articles and the animated Grid It twisted more than one nose, but the fact that there are more and more women in the script rooms is normalizing the matter.

The taboo of the menopause is also beginning to break down, that phase after which it seemed that the only thing left to do was jump into the sea on a little piece of ice, as the movies made by the old Eskimo women told us, because what good is a woman with the skin and the dry vagina Sticking to the publicity, those are the great dramas of the climacteric. I allow myself to doubt it, especially when Gillian Anderson mentions memory loss, let’s see what dryness is more dramatic than that of neurons. It is important, she says, that we know how to recognize her symptoms so that no one thinks she is sick or crazy. She wants to talk about what she never heard. The spigot has been opened and all the famous have signed up to give testimony. Drew Barrymore announced in his Show her first suffocation quite naturally, Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler who were there wrapped her up in solidarity. Menopause in rigorous direct. Don’t let the wind touch you, Drew Barrymore.

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