Hollywood has moved to Silverstone, Brad Pitt is also on the track with the F1 racing cars



SILVERSTONE – Let’s not be scared, if today at Silverstone we see an eleventh team on the grid, albeit very far back. It is not Audi, which has announced its desire for F1, but a Hollywood team shooting scenes for an upcoming film for Apple TV. Director Joseph Kosinsky (The one from ‘Top Gun: Maverick’), lead actor Brad Pitt. And, listen, Lewis Hamilton is co-producer. “I’m expecting the best racing movie of all time,” said Lewis, just to take the pressure off.

That’s why Brad Pitt is at Silverstone. But it’s actually been around for weeks already, because the film has been in production for a while. But with the gp the scenes will be more truthful and in fact Angelina Jolie’s ex-husband drove alone, on the track and in the pit area, between the practice and qualifying sessions with a modified Formula 2-style car. pit lane is the garage Sonny Hayes, the pilot that Pitt plays. Not only that: director Kosinski, with producer Jerry Bruckheimer have developed the “smallest 6K mobile camera ever”, designed precisely to make viewers feel like they are in the driver’s seat.

It was known that Brad Pitt is a racing enthusiast, an unbridled MotoGP fan, but on cars he asked Hamilton and his team for advice Mercedes, who designed the car for him. Not only that: the British driver also gave advice on the plot. Hamilton was in California, then at Silverstone to monitor Pitt’s progress behind the wheel. It seems there were some doubts about Pitt, a veteran driver who returns from retirement 18 years older than his rival in the film. There were those who thought he was too old, but Hamilton backed him up: ‘Brad ages backwards. He’s good looking for his age, he’s fit, he’s worked out … and Hollywood will make it happen “.


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