Hugh Jackman reveals he took biopsies to detect possible cancer recurrence



Since 2013, when he was first diagnosed with skin cancer, Hugh Jackman has regularly called on his fans to protect themselves from the sun. Screenshot of Hugh Jackman’s Instagram account

Since being diagnosed in 2013, the Aussie actor has battled skin cancer multiple times. On social networks, he gives the alert and urges his subscribers to put on sunscreen as often as possible.

“I know you’ve heard me talk about my basal cell carcinomas before.” The man shows a worried but smiling face. He has a bandage on his nose. In a short video posted Monday on his Instagram account, Hugh Jackman took the floor to warn his followers about the dangers of tanning.

The actor, who recently starred in The Son the latest feature film by Florian Zeller, explained that it had just “take two biopsies” after his doctor saw “little things that might or might not be basal cell cancer”. In other words, a skin cancer, but whose evolution can be controlled if it is diagnosed and treated in time. The opportunity for the actor to warn his subscribers. “Summer is coming, please put on sunscreenhe begged. Even if you want to be tanned, trust me, it’s not worth it.” “I will continue to talk about them [les carcinomes basaux, NDLR], if needed. And if it even reminds a person to put on high SPF sunscreen, then I’m happy.”also wrote the actor, in a message attached to his video.

six cancers

If he is on probation today – the interpreter of Wolverine explained that he would receive the results of his analyzes within two to three days -, Hugh Jackman has already had to fight several times against skin cancer . In 2013, the actor had already been operated on for the first time for basal cell carcinoma. In total, her nose cancer recurred six times, resulting in various operations to extract the carcinoma.

In 2017, he admitted to having participated in an audition for the musical comedy The Greatest Showman the day after an operation that left him with 80 stitches.

Since he was diagnosed for the first time, the actor regularly alerts on social networks. “This is what happens when you don’t wear sunscreen,” he wrote on Instagram in 2016. Pictured is the same face as posted on social media on Monday. With the same bandage on the nose.

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