Hugh Jackman, the eight thousand calorie a day diet to increase muscle mass



Eight thousand calories per day. Largemouth bass (2,000 calories), king salmon (2,100), two chicken burgers (one thousand each), and two grass-fed beef loins (1,100 each). This is what he eats every day Hugh Jackman For meet your calorie needs. The Australian actor is following a specific diet and is training hard to step back into the role of the mutant Wolverine in the movie Deadpool 3to be released in 2024. A diet not for everyone, indicated for gaining weight and increasing muscle mass.

Jackman, protagonist of the film saga dedicated to the famous Marvel comic book superhero, has published two photos on social media to show what his high-calorie daily diet consists of. The caloric intake is indicated for each dish, a sign that the choice of foods is not left to chance. This is the message that accompanies the images: Putting on mass. A day in the life. Thank you chef Mario (Mario Spina, ed) for helping me stay healthy and on a proper diet as I…become Wolverine once again. So, at fifty-four, six years after Wolverine’s last performance, the star returns to play a role that represents a real challenge and requires monstrous physical and mental effort.

Recent interviews about his diet

In a recent interview with Stephen Colbert during the program The Late Show, Jackman explained what it takes to get into character. After concluding the experience of the musical The Music Manthe actor said he was on his way to consuming 6,000 calories a day. I’m at 4,500-5,000 calories. I used a heart rate monitor (during the musical The Music Man, ed) because my trainer gave me a warning: ‘I need to know what I’m dealing with, I’m trying to help you pack on’. I burned 1,500 calories on the show, eight times a week. The personal trainer warned me, ‘Oh, you have to eat.’ So I started getting 4,500 calories a day, that wasn’t cool. Now I eat, I train and that’s it.

In an interview with the American program Who’s Talking to Chris WallaceJackman recalled that, to bulk up, he had adopted a protein diet based exclusively on chicken, which it did not involve the use of steroids, whose side effects the actor fears. Jackman joked about his food choices: I decided to gain muscle mass and did it the old fashioned way. And I tell you, I ate a lot of chickens. I am very sorry for all the vegans, vegetarians and chickens in the world. My karma is bad: if gods had anything in common with chickens, I’d be in real trouble.


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