“I wrote a book about Brad Pitt because I love him”



The former Minister of Culture released a biography of the Hollywood actor on April 13 at XO Editions.

While his last two books dealt with historical subjects, we did not expect to see the former Minister of Culture return with such a subject. And yet, it is of course the Hollywood star that Frédéric Mitterrand’s new book is about. The politician has always shown a certain interest in cinema. After a film show stars and starshe published in 2001 Fates of stars who is interested in celebrities. In 2007, the Cannes Film Festival was at the center of his thinking.

A subject not so incongruous after all for this cinema lover, who justifies his choice with Europe 1: “Through my stories, I’m always looking for the ordinary hero, the real nice guy. The real boy, the one who is brave, friendly, honest. A little adventurous too. Among my friends, I think I have two or three. And cinematographically, basically, I have one: it’s Brad Pitt.»

The biography will cover both the actor’s career – his successes as well as his failures, but also his private life and his many conquests. “I wrote a book on Brad Pitt because I love him, explains Mitterrand in a press release from his publishing house XO. He’s a real boy: sexy, strong, adventurous, and I’m sure he’d protect me if I needed him. Because he also has the frailties of real men who know how difficult life is. Periods of severe depression I have experienced as well. Writing about it is also a way of sharing them. I don’t know him, he doesn’t know me, but maybe he will stop at this bottle overboard when he discovers that he has a friend somewhere in France who loves him, admires him and understands it.” However, the author said he never had the opportunity to meet the Hollywood star, who did not respond to his request.


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