Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: King Hussein’s lent horses and Harrison Ford’s (real) stunts. The 21 secrets



Today at 21.20 on Italia 1 broadcast Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989), third chapter of the saga directed by Steven Spielberg dedicated to the most famous archaeologist of the big screen. We are in 1938 and this time Indiana ( Harrison Ford) commissioned by billionaire Walter Donovan (Julian Glover) to recover the Holy Grail, the chalice used by Jesus at the Last Supper and in which Christ’s blood was collected. In the enterprise he is joined by the Austrian archaeologist Elsa Schneider (Alison Doody) and Indiana’s father, Henry Jones Sr. ( Sean Connery) who in turn is an authoritative archaeologist. Indiana soon discovers that the Nazis are also after the precious relic and that Elsa and Donovan are double agents. From the USA to Venice via Berlin to Alexandretta, the couple formed by father and son Jones will have to overcome daring and fascinating feats before reaching the place where the Grail is kept. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is a fast-paced, ironic film full of exciting gimmicks and twists. The Ford-Connery couple works great and above all the second one appears particularly inspired. The film receives excellent reviews and gets 3 Oscar nominations (only wins the statuette for Best Sound Editing). An extraordinary success is confirmed at the box office: costing 48 million dollars, the film collects 474. While waiting for the airing, here are 21 things you may not know.


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