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A breathtaking aquatic immersion using innovative special effects. But the secret of the film lies above all in the fact that everything is actually filmed in the water. disney

The director of titanic offers an underwater sequel to its flamboyant space opera. This blockbuster, which has collected 2.3 billion dollars in revenue worldwide, is broadcast for the first time on television. Avatar: the way of water, not to be missed this Wednesday, June 14 at 9:05 p.m. on Canal + and on MyCanal.

How to measure the incredible impact of the Avatar saga on global pop culture? Quite simply to the fact that James Cameron knew how to make unforgettable and believable a bioluminescent extraterrestrial race baptized the Na’vis, fruit of the improbable cross between the famous blue of Klein and the stretched sculptures of Giacometti… Released in 2010, the first Avatar directed by the filmmaker terminator literally turned the world cinema industry upside down. A planetary tidal wave, this flamboyant science fiction blockbuster with a pharaonic budget of 500 million dollars (seen by 15 million spectators in France) has succeeded in pushing back all the limits of Hollywood entertainment cinema.

Twelve years after the events of the first film

Thirteen years later, James Cameron is finally giving a sequel to his titanic ecological tale of the future. We remember that in the first film, an industrial consortium had recruited Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) to take the place of his deceased twin. Once on the planet Pandora, this former paraplegic marine discovered an exotic world, where humans exploit an extremely rare mineral to the detriment of an indigenous people, the Na’vis. Jake doesn’t take long to espouse their cause and fall in love with the beautiful Neytiri (Zoe Saldana)…

Last December, the director of Titanic played big (after two years of global confinement) by releasing the second part of this saga in the form of Star Wars of the third millennium. More intimate, more political, Avatar. The way of the water takes place a dozen years after the events of the first film. When Colonel Quaritch returns to Pandora, Jake Sully, his wife Neytiri and their four children are forced to leave the forest for the reefs, where the Metkayina live, who welcome them with suspicion…

Stunning underwater world

Once again, James Cameron, a 68-year-old poker player, went all-in. As in the casino, he bet everything on a triumph… relying only on his talent, his flair, and the work of an entire team devoted to him to the very end of his fins. Bank! Once again, Avatar 2 swept the day and raked in more than $2.3 billion in international revenue, dethroning the record of titanic, and without forgetting that in France this film of 3 hours and 12 minutes with a budget of 250 million dollars was seen by 14 million spectators in a 3D with unique relief in the world. This second part, mainly located in the heart of a stunning underwater universe, highlights the very old fascination for water of the director of Abyss. ” If people enjoy my films and all the aquatic imagery they convey, it’s simply because it’s in all of us.he explained to Figaro in December 2022. Me, it comes to me from childhood. As far back as my memory goes, I remember that I always wanted to go underwater. »

The Cirque du Soleil troupe

The underwater action is breathtaking, using innovative special effects. But the secret of the film lies above all in the fact that everything is actually filmed in the water. For this, Cameron called on acrobats from the Cirque du Soleil troupe. A true cry from the heart encouraging spectators to become aware of the deterioration of the oceans,Avatar2 alert on the dangers of pollution. What an emotion to discover the tulkuns, these creatures that resemble whales! And how can you not also see a reference to Herman Melville’s Moby Dick? Especially when Colonel Quaritch (Stephen Lang), obstinate and blinded by his vengeful crusade, behaves like Captain Ahab

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