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In these times in which we live, of filters and advances in aesthetic medicine, age has become something relative. It has always been so in the philosophical sense, but now it is also so in the most literal sense. Few would be right to say what are the years of a smooth Nicole Kidman or a toned Jennifer López, who looks more spectacular than ever at 53 years of age. They are the same as Jennifer Aniston who has starred in one of her most daring covers to date: it was last November, in Allure, wearing tiny Chanel nipple shields. But apart from this viral image, the one that really attracts attention is the one that shows us the actress posing with a minidress with a mesh and rhinestones to promote her latest film, criminals in sightwith perfect knees.

This area of ​​the body, along with the hands, neck or elbows, is one of the most resistant in this attempt to stretch youth as much as possible. Collagen is to blame, like almost everything that has to do with aging, “the skin on the knees is very thin and has a lower density of collagen and sebaceous glands, compared to other areas of the body. This means that, over the years, these are the areas where flaccidity, wrinkles and dry skin appear the fastest”, explains Sara Álvarez, co-founder and creator of the training methodology. CHALLENGE48. The continuous flexing to which we submit this area does not help either, which causes the appearance of wrinkles. The most effective aesthetic treatments that we find to attack flaccid knees are two, as explained by Dr. Moisés Amselem, from the Martín del Yerro|Amselem clinic, “on the one hand, treating the skin directly with Acid Hyaluronic as a moisturizing, repairing, collagen-stimulating and anti-aging element. Or go directly to treating what causes that drop and loss of volume on the entire inner side of the thigh and in the area immediately above the knee. When volume is lost in any area, the structure immediately sags, the best way to restore it is with polylactic acid and the medical treatment consists of a collagen-based volume restoration. In this case, the doctor explains to us, two sessions spaced out over a period of one month would be necessary. The effects of this treatment last approximately 18 months and from the fourth you can see the results in their maximum exponent.

If we prefer to avoid going through a clinic and bet on traditional methods, that is, pure and hard training, things get complicated. Above all because this is an area that cannot be worked specifically. The key would be to exercise all the legs so that it is the muscle that helps us to keep the skin on the knees in place and without wrinkles. strength exercises such as squats, the quadriceps extension on the machine, the deadlift or working the abductors and adductors are what the RETO48 team recommends, always making it clear that exercise is a great ally, but in the long term and as a preventive measure. Adequate hydration, avoiding weight fluctuations and drinking a lot of water to avoid swelling and fluid retention would be other tips to show off perfect knees after 50.


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