Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, what crisis? Kisses and cuddles at the premiere of «The Flash»-



Of Simon Marchetti

Very elegant and perfectly harmonized in their look, JLo and her husband silenced the rumors that they wanted them close to separation by showing themselves more in love than ever on the red carpet of the Ovation Hollywood in Los Angeles

They were on the verge of a crisis (at least of nerves on her part, due to certain behaviors on his part that made her find him “heavy”), but Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck chased away all those malevolent voices that even spoke of parting, showing themselves more in love than ever at Ovation Hollywood in Los Angeles. The occasion was the premiere of «The Flash» (the new film in which the actor makes a cameo in the Batman version), where the couple walked the red carpet exchanging passionate kisses and cuddling like two teenagers with their first crush.

Very elegant and perfectly harmonized in the look (she in a two-tone black and peach Gucci Cruise 2024 dress and he in total black without a Dolce & Gabbana tie), the 53-year-old actress and singer and her husband appeared very close and the scene immortalized by the photographers was certainly very different from the recent discussions seen on the street and then ended up on social networks. Time will tell if any crisis has been overcome. For the moment, the couple is enjoying their time together and, above all, the new 34 million dollar mega villa that she recently bought in Beverly Hills, after a year of searching.

As for Affleck and his return as Batman, the same actor confessed to the Hollywood Reporter «that he finally figured out how to play that character (Batman, ed) and I did it in The Flash. For the five minutes I’m there, it’s pretty awesome.”

June 13, 2023 (change June 13, 2023 | 18:19)


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