Jennifer Lopez scolds Ben Affleck again. But this time it’s just a commercial –



Of Simon Marchetti

The two celebrities made an advertising clip for the coffee and donut chain Dunkin’ Donuts, broadcast during the Super Bowl, in which the actor is surprised by the singer while working in a drive-thru in Boston

Jennifer Lopez scolded Ben Affleck again in front of everyone, but this time it was only for commercials. The one for the Dunkin’ Donuts chain (the actor’s favorite), broadcast during the Super Bowl. And if in the first public rebuke staged at the recent Grammy Awards it was Affleck’s face that was the whole program, in this second rebuke in favor of the cameras it was JLo’s shocked expression when, arriving at the wheel of her big cream-colored car in front of the window of a drive-through of the famous chain of coffee and donuts, finds herself in front of her husband, ready to receive his order.

What are you doing here? the singer asks Affleck. You’re embarrassing me in front of my friends, replies the latter, dressed in Dunkin’ uniform. What do you do when you say you have to work all day? Lopez continues, more and more surprised. I have to go guys, Affleck then replies, turning to the other employees and taking off his visor with the microphone. Get me a glazed donut!, the singer intimates him at that point.

In the spot filmed in Boston, the hilarious exchange between the Affleck couple was preceded by a series of no less amusing gags by the same actor with some customers, whose shocked reactions at the sight of the star in the model employee version of Dunkin’ had been filmed from a hidden camera.

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