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More than attending a gala in which the best music of 2022 was awarded, it seemed that the actor Ben Affleck (California, 50 years old) was at the doors of the dentist. This is one of the thousands of reflections and jokes that on Monday, after the 65th edition of the Grammy Awards, tweeters and Internet users launched on social networks after observing the face and gestures of one of the protagonists of The unstoppable Will Hunting. The question that floated in the air, seeing their expressions close to pain and fatigue while sitting next to his wife Jennifer Lopez (New York, 53 years old), who was invited to the gala to present one of the awards, was: Why does Ben Affleck have a suffering face?

“Jen and Ben had a fun night at the Grammys, but both have been very busy working on various projects and Ben was feeling tired,” a source close to the couple, popularly known as Jen, has come to the actor’s defense. Bennifer, in statements to the publication ET Canada. “He wanted to go and support Jen, but he wasn’t his usual self,” he adds.

On many occasions, the cameras captured Affleck – who shared a table with Lopez and the actor Dwayne Johnson and his wife, Lauren Hashian – with expressions in which he showed his discomfort, fatigue and even his suffering. “Ben Affleck seems like one of those men who gets dragged by their partners into a baby shower”said one of the messages shared by Twitter.

One of the most commented moments of the night was when Affleck whispered something in the ear of the singer, actress and owner of a cosmetic brand. After her words, she gives him a small blow to her chest, as a sign that she stands upright. “Stop it, try to appear more friendly and motivated,” the artist seems to say. To which the protagonist of Argo He replies, “I could.” That is the conversation that can be seen in the video that has gone viral, according to the British tabloid The Daily Mail, that he has commissioned an expert in lip reading to interpret the images that the cameras captured (something that JLo realized at the moment).

Seconds later, and after realizing that the cameras were just recording a sketch and they had Trevor Noah, presenter of the gala, with them, the actor and the artist change their faces to show normality and even happiness. “She is aware of the support she receives from Ben, but she also understands that he is more of a homebody and that it is not his thing to be at events all the time,” the same source assures ET Canada.

Comedian Trevor Noah with Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck at the Grammys on Sunday in Los Angeles, California.
Comedian Trevor Noah with Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck at the Grammys on Sunday in Los Angeles, California. John Shearer (Getty Images for The Recording A)

Despite all the jokes and memes that Affleck has been the object of through social networks, and already aware of the commotion, Jennifer Lopez seems to have wanted to deny it, in a very subtle way and through her Instagram account —with 234 millions of followers—, who are going through an ups and downs in their love story almost seven months after their first wedding in Las Vegas. “Always the best moment with my love, my husband,” wrote the interpreter in the video published with images of her arrival at the Grammys, wrapped in Bulgari jewelry and a Gucci dress, and in which she appears kissing with her husband. and in an affectionate attitude, while the song plays As It Was by Harry Styles, winner of the Grammy for best album of the year.


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