Johnny Depp took the money from Amber Heard and gave it all to charity –



Of Simon Marchetti

In December of last year, the actor reached an agreement with his ex-wife, which would have compensated him one million dollars for the defamation case lost in court. Once he cashed the money, he turned it over to five non-profits

He had always said that money did not interest him and that his only goal, in the libel suit against Amber Heard, was to restore the truth. And the gesture he made proves it. Six months after the settlement agreement reached with his ex-wife last December and according to which the actress would have given him one million dollars in compensation (a figure significantly lower than the 10 million established by the Fairfax jury in June 2022 ), Johnny Depp finally collected the money (covered by Heard’s insurance company), but quickly gave it to charity.

As reported by the TMZ site, five charities benefited from the actor’s generosity, to which Depp paid $200,000 each. The non-profit organizations chosen by the star of the Pirates of the Caribbean saga are: Make-A-Film Foundation (allows terminally ill children to make short films and documentaries with actors); The Painted Turtle (preserves natural ecosystems and was born thanks to Paul Newman); Red Feather (deals with solving Native American housing problems); Amazonia Fund Alliance (helps preserve the ecosystem of the Amazon forest) and Tetiaroa Society (cares for the environmental maintenance of the Pacific atoll in the hands of the heirs of Marlon Brando).

At the time of the plea agreement, Heard had declared that she had lost faith in the American judicial system, reiterating however that the agreement reached with Depp did not represent an admission of guilt.

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