Kad Merad shares the anecdote of his meeting with Brad Pitt



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The actor, guest of Nikos Aliagas in the weekly program “50’inside”, confided in a particularly embarrassing moment in his career, his meeting with the American actor where the dialogue was almost non-existent.

From Welcome to the Ch’tis in 2008, Kad Merad and Danny Boon seemed inseparable. Fifteen years after this success, the two friends share, for the third time in their career, the poster together with the film life for real, directed by Danny Boon, in theaters on April 19. Nikos Aliagas took the opportunity of this cross interview to paint their portrait but also to immerse themselves in the archives of their respective lives.

One of them particularly concerns Kad Merad, who, in 2010, saw his first meeting with Hollywood actor Brad Pitt. So destabilizing for the actor who had just played in Welcome to the Ch’tis two years earlier, that he thought that “He was a fake Brad Pitt, he was so handsome. It is very very beautiful, already at the time. We even wonder if it’s not false, we want to touch to see”.

“He is so nice”

During this same meeting, thirteen years ago now, Kad Merad could not show his humor and outspokenness. “I remember there was Brad Pitt. His wife Angelina Jolie and I haven’t opened my mouth all evening”, confides Kad Merad to Nikos Aliagas. Unable to hide his astonishment, the facilitator asks him about the reason for this silence. “Because I don’t speak English well, at the time. Now I am completely bilingual. Now I can “anyway”.” A reflection that does not fail to make Dany Boon laugh, sitting next to him.

The actor continues his story. “And especially Brad Pitt, he is so nice. He is adorable, but the same we looked at each other like that”, he explains, mimicking wide eyes and a frozen smile. The American actor did not speak French either, which created a slight moment of embarrassment. “No then me, I wasn’t going to say”How are you?”»he simulates facing Dany Boon and adds “I didn’t know what to say to him”.


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