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In a world folded to the dictates of technology and its networks, which reward the anecdotal and ephemeral above all else, the British actress Kate Winslet (Reading, United Kingdom, 47 years old) has managed to find her place. Winslet, an actress touched by the magic wand of the box office and that of prestige as an interpreter, a woman who has declared war on digital filters and the aesthetic servitudes of her profession on more than one occasion, knows how to swim like few others in the social media waters, demonstrating their audacity for the new marketing viral and imposing its own agenda.

His last goal came in the discount minutes of the promotion of Avatar, the sense of waterthe blockbuster that brought her together 25 years later with James Cameron, the director of titanic. That film catapulted the actress’s career in 1997 to make her, at 22, one of the eternal girlfriends of Hollywood cinema. This month, titanic is re-released in a new high-frequency 3D 4K HDR version. In a viral video, the actress helped a beginner get over stage fright from her first interview. A rare example of empathy from a famous Hollywood woman who has traveled the world. For a few seconds, the ubiquitous advertising of Avatar was overshadowed by the actress’ words of encouragement to her very young interlocutor: “Is it your first time? Did you know? It’s going to be the most incredible interview ever. You and I are going to make it.” In the blink of an eye, Winslet shifted the focus, not so much to the girl, as to herself.

Actually, the actress’s wink is not a surprise. On more than one occasion, Winslet has made it clear that her understanding of the insecurities of others is based on the bullying and contempt she suffered during her adolescence and youth for being overweight and wanting to be an actress. In the 1990s and 2000s, when they commanded the skeletal bodies of the so-called heroin-chic, Winslet turned his royal body into a flag. The actress of Forget about methe wonderful 2004 film by Michel Gondry that also made her the girlfriend of cinema indiethus anticipated many of the feminist claims to which other Hollywood celebrities point with less credibility.

At 47, Winslet is a guaranteed catch for any movie or television product. Even to delight in her voice in the sensory series A World of Calm, whose episode dedicated to the beauty of horses is narrated by Winslet. The success of the HBO series Mare of Easttown confirmed the status of an actress on whom the seven chapters of a fiction revolved that made her the detective of a small town in Pennsylvania. As in so many series, the plot, with its murder of a teenager involved, was at the service of the characters, especially Winslet’s and her dysfunctional family. Once again, the actress was enthusiastic, although her painstaking work with the accent of that part of the United States earned her a hilarious parody of the always scathing comedy show. Saturday Night Life. snl He turned two invented words — “murdur durdur”, to understand us, “murdered daughter” (murdered daughter) — into a joke that also went viral. As the actress later stated, the sketch It made him “cry with laughter.” “Nothing has validated me as much as an actress like the durdurhe joked.

the character of Mare of Easttown she lived trapped in the gray of pain and guilt for the suicide of her eldest son. The shadow of that absence crosses the series and connects with her latest project, I Am Ruth. The premiere just a month ago on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom of this fiction has earned it the applause of critics in her country and has once again put the accent on what matters: the work of a conscientious interpreter who has shown that her idyll with the screen does not expire.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in 'Titanic'.
Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in ‘Titanic’.

I Am Ruth It is a film framed within the project Yo soy… in which the director Dominic Savage collaborates with different actresses and that on this occasion he has created together with Winslet. The argument responds to a tragedy of our time: the mental health crisis that affects young people around the world. Winslet plays a mother who watches with great anguish as her teenage daughter, played by Mia Threapleton, the actress’s real-life daughter, withdraws into herself, consumed by the toxicity of social media. According to Winslet, I Am Ruth It has been a complex experiment because, he explained, acting with his daughter broke down emotional barriers and left her unprotected before her character.

The actress, who debuted in 1994 with heavenly creatures, the dramatic story of the repressed homosexuality of two adolescents with which Peter Jackson won an award at the Venice festival, has not ceased to represent women as down to earth as they are, deep down, unattainable. Was Iris Murdoch in the film adaptation of Iris, the memoirs of the writer’s widower, John Bayle; or a housewife from the fifties in the film who reunited her for the second time with her partner in titanic Leonardo DiCaprio, in the drama Revolutionary Roadbased on the novel by Richard Yates and directed by her husband at the time, Sam Mendes.

That archetype of the suburban housewife was taken up again years later in another of her popular hits, the series Mildred Pierce. Although the Oscar came to him in 2009 for Readerhis idyll with the public had been born even before titanic. She played opposite Emma Thompson in Ang Lee’s 1995 adaptation of the Jane Austen novel Sense and Sensibility she made her character, Marianne Dashwood, the embodiment of the ideal of the intelligent, romantic, and dreamy young woman. Almost 20 years later, this young woman admirably walks the paths of maturity.

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