Keanu Reeves, restraining order for the stalker who persecutes him by posing as his relative


New York – Immortal as Neo, the hero of the Matrix, with fractious nerves in those of Keanu Reeves. The Canadian actor managed to obtain a restraining order from a judge in the court of Los Angeles, California against Bryan Keith Dixon, a 38-year-old fanatic who had been nagging him for months convinced that the two were related. Reeves, 58, born in Beirut, raised in Toronto, actor passed by Beautiful and damned to the Little BuddhaThen The devil’s advocate, Ultimatum to the Earth and the saga of Wick, playing a vengeful ex-assassin, had long been dealing with a stalker, Dixon.

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The man’s face was captured on surveillance cameras mounted around the five million dollar house on Hollywood Hill, where the actor lives with his girlfriend. Alexandra Grant. In the pictures, Dixon appears to be wandering around the back of the house as if he were the owner. According to the plaintiff, the man entered his property at least six times. The first, on November 5th. The last one, on January 20th. In one, he had spent the night in the garden. Another time he had left a strange package on the doorstep, which turned out to contain a DNA test kit. It was probably an attempt to convince Reeves that the two are related. The actor hired a security service, but also discovered that Dixon had violated the law at other times. In the state of Rhode Island, the stalker had been reported for an attempted intrusion into private property, acts of vandalism, assault and resistance to a public official.

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by our correspondent Gianluca Modolo

But the story doesn’t end with the night raids. On social media, Dixon continued to post messages in which he introduces himself as Jasper Keith Reeves and claims kinship with the actor, to whom he asked to take charge of his life. The judge ordered the stalker to keep at least one hundred and fifty yards away from the plaintiff’s property. On February 24 he will have to appear before the judge. For the actor it is not the first experience with a stalker. In 2014, a fifty-year-old woman, Kerry Colen Raus, was found by Reeves in her home while she was taking a shower after swimming in the pool. The woman was locked up in a mental health center. On social media, many veterans have expressed solidarity with the star, who has often helped and followed up on cases of former soldiers who have fallen into disgrace, offering a protective service as a sign of gratitude.

But in the end it turned out better for the actor than for other stars: In 2018 the singer Taylor Swift she saw a man arrive in front of her house in Beverly Hills, who had driven from Colorado to appear before her, armed with a mask and a knife. Another had tried several times to enter the artist’s home in New York. The actress Keira Knightley One day a fifty-year-old stranger found herself in front of the door, who said “meow” to her, imitating a cat. Singer Justin Bieber’s stalker had hired two men to castrate and kill him. None of the plans came to fruition. Stalkers have been arrested or placed in psychiatric centers.

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