Keanu Reeves, the avenging Sisyphus of action cinema


John Wick ( Keanu Reeves), the indestructible vengeful gunslinger returns for a fourth film in the form of a grand finale. © Lionsgate 2023

CRITICAL – Plunged into the heart of a whirlwind of incessant battles, the unforgettable Neo of Matrix composes a taciturn and taciturn hero. An “Action hero” reviewed and corrected by Tex Avery.

A close-up grasped fist smashes against a wooden plank wrapped in navy twine. The noise is dull. The phalanges are red. We feel the pain irrigate the arm. A mark is printed on the training board.

This bloody fist belongs to John Wick. Tirelessly, the ex-retired hitman puts the cover back. Like Sisyphus forever climbing his rock to the top of the mountain, John Wick prepares for action and revenge. There is something mythological in this character. Or rather, it’s as if Tex Avery had taken over the figure of the “action hero” to make a kind of indestructible Droopy avenger.

Released in 2019, John Wick: Parabelum (2019), the third chapter of the avenging adventures of the rebel vigilante, had already been strong. But when it comes to American action cinema, it seems that John Wick – Chapter 4 always pushes the jubilation and inventiveness around combat sequences, constantly reinvented.

Sure, the movie is…

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