Kevin Spacey defends himself against the accusation of sexual assault: “Touching him was a romantic gesture for me”



The trial started on June 28 against Kevin Spacey, accused of twelve sexual assaults against four men, continues in London. After hearing the accusers (through pre-recorded video) it’s now up to the Oscar-winning actor to defend himself.

Kevin Spacey on trial, the actor must respond to allegations of sexual harassment

“Touching him was a romantic gesture for me.” Thus the actor, according to reports from the BBC, defended himself before Southwark Crown Court in London, referring to one of the accusers who hauled him to court for sexual assault. In his testimony, Spacey, who denied all 12 allegations of sexual abuse against as many men, told the jury that he was “somewhat intimate” with one of the alleged victims, but denied assaulting the man. The actor told the judges he had a “flirty” relationship with the young man and had touched him in a “romantic” and “intimate” way but not “in a violent, aggressive and painful way”. He also explained that he didn’t go any further because the alleged victim “didn’t want to go any further”.

Kevin Spacey on trial, the actor must respond to allegations of sexual harassment

And when asked what his reaction was to the complainant’s allegations, he replied: “I was crushed. I never thought that (name of man), whom I knew over 20 years, would stab me in the back later.” The jury meanwhile heard testimony from four of the alleged victims who described the actor as a “vile sexual predator,” “shifty,” “heinous, despicable and disgusting.” They reported alleged “aggressive” groin touches and one of the four accused Spacey of drugging and molesting him while he slept. The actor is accused of sexual offenses against four men and which allegedly took place between 2001 and 2013. Last January, he pleaded not guilty to three counts of indecent assault, three counts of sexual assault and one count for inducing a person to engage in sexual activity without consent. Spacey also denies four additional sexual assault allegations. All accusers are legally entitled to lifelong anonymity. The process is expected to take about four weeks.


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