Kevin Spacey defends himself: “Sometimes I was promiscuous but not mean, now I’ve lost everything”



The depositions of Kevin Spaceyin the context of the London trial which sees him accused of sexual abuse of four men between 2001 and 2013.

During the trial, which began on June 28, the actor denied all the accusations that were made against him, stating that he had been “rather intimate” with one of the alleged victims but that he had never acted violently or without consent. The men who reported Spacey instead, they described the man as “disgusting and despicable” and recounted the harassment they suffered.

And as reported by the BBC, the actor was asked, under cross-examination, whether he might have ignored cues from people he interacted with. The plaintiff responded that he “definitely misinterpreted” the signs of one of the complainants, saying at the hearing, “It happens and I accept it. Millions of people know how it works, give someone a try and if they don’t reciprocate you are embarrassed and… you try to go further”. According to BBC, Spacey he allegedly also claimed to have had consensual agreements with two of the others, and when asked by the prosecution whether he thrilled with taking sexual risks, he replied that he was “very open, I was promiscuous at times”, but he added: “That doesn’t make me a bad person.”

The prosecution also asked the actor if it was easy for him to “pick up people” thanks to his celebrity status. Second Spacey it was more difficult to trust people, precisely because of his fame and says: “I’m sure if I wanted I could have had sex with people all the time”.

The process was emotionally very taxing for Spacey who reveals in the hearing “My world has exploded. There was a rush to judgment and even before a question was asked I lost my job, I lost my reputation, I lost everything in a matter of days without having time to respond”. His testimony therefore concluded by denying having sexually assaulted the three men and claimed to have grabbed the groin of a fourth as a “clumsy gesture”.


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