Kevin Spacey is convinced that he will shoot new films again soon



The American actor Kevin Spacey is convinced that he will soon be able to return to work in front of the cameras after the trial in which he will have to answer for alleged sexual crimes that begins on June 28 in London, in which he hopes to be declared innocent. “I know that there are people right now who are willing to hire me the moment I am cleared of those charges in London. The moment that happens, they will be ready to start working,” says Spacey, 63, in an exclusive interview with the German weekly Zeit Magazin, the first he has given since the scandal about him became public.

The two-time Hollywood Oscar winner talks about the turn his life took after several men accused him of sexual assault and abuse in 2017. When those accusations became public, the Netflix platform kicked him out of the popular series “House of Cards” » and the director Ridley Scott of the film «All the money in the world», in which he was replaced as the protagonist by Christopher Plummer, who returned to shoot all the scenes that had been recorded with Spacey. “It was a time when a lot of people were very afraid of being punished if they supported me,” says the actor who won his first Oscar with the film “The Usual Suspects” in 1995.

Spacey doubts, however, that he can be rehabilitated before the media after the scandal six years ago and reveals that he has begun to write, but assures that he has no intention of delving into his own experience to face the accusations. “I’m not trying to balance the scales. I have no interest in fighting against something that is not worth fighting for,” he declared in the interview a few days before the criminal trial in the British capital in which he will face 12 charges, after four men accused him of sexual assault. and another two of non-consensual sexual relations. The events would have occurred between 2001 and 2013. In the preliminary hearing, Spacey denied all the accusations.

“The moment they are analyzed they fall apart,” said the actor, commenting on the accusations against him. “That is what happened in the Rapp trial and that is what will happen in this case,” Spacey said, referring to the process against him in a lawsuit filed by actor Anthony Rapp, who accused him of abuse when he was only 14. year old. Last October Spacey was acquitted of all charges in a trial held in New York. He also assures that he always worked intensely to forget his personal problems due to the fact that he was homosexual, something that he had always denied and hidden until Rapp’s accusations.

“A part of me was deeply unhappy,” admits the movie star who won his second Hollywood statuette with the film “American Beauty.” Finally, when assessing the scandal about him, which arose at the height of the «Me too» movement, Kevin Spacey is convinced that «in ten years it will mean nothing. My work will outlive me and that is what will be remembered.”


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