Leonardo DiCaprio raises $200 million to protect the Amazon



Actor Leonardo DiCaprio has teamed up with Jeff Bezos to prevent the destruction of the Amazon, through two investment funds they co-founded. LOIC VENANCE/AFP

The actor hopes to stem the destruction of the Brazilian forest, of which 17% trees have already been decimated.

After committing against oil and gas drilling in Africa, he raises funds to protect the Amazon. Leonardo DiCaprio helped launch a $200 million fund to protect the Amazon rainforest alongside billionaire and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. The purpose of the maneuver? Save the indigenous peoples and preserve the fauna and flora of the forest for the next four years, reports 20 minutes .

“We are inspired by the ambitious goals of theBrazilIin protecting the Amazon, one of the most important places for flora and fauna on the planet»writes the actor in a statement sent by Re:Wold, a “rewilding” organization he co-founded two years ago.

Up to 25% of the Amazon destroyed

Amazon owner Jeff Bezos also participated in the investment fund. His planetary defense organization, Bezos Earth Fund, which he co-founded with his partner Lauren Sanchez, also issued a statement on the importance of protecting the Amazon. “The Amazon is essential for the future of global biodiversity and climate”writes Cristian Samper, the managing director of the fund, before praising the action of Brazilian President Lula.

With these investments, the two men hope to put an end to deforestation and thus preserve 58 million hectares of public land in the Amazon. According to the same press release, 17% of the Amazon rainforest has already disappeared. If nothing is done, deforestation could climb up to 25%. Strengthening the management of existing protected areas and protecting the indigenous populations living there seems to be the only way to stem this destruction.


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