love melodies on W9 with Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling




Let yourself – once again – be carried away by the soundtrack of Damien Chazelle’s masterpiece, awarded six Oscars.

What a badass, Hollywood ! Many of them, the naive, the innocent, imagine that glory is at hand. Mia ( Emma Stone ) wants to be an actress. In the meantime, she is a waitress in the cafeteria of the Warner studios. She writes a play, lives in a house with roommates and goes on auditions (bosses hardly listen to her).

Sebastian (Ryan Gosling ) dreams of buying the jazz club where Charlie Parker performed. The place is still not going to be given over to samba and tapas? La La Land is divided into seasons. Suddenly, the heroes start singing. Another that the gifted director Damien Chazelle would fall into cynicism or ridicule. Nothing like it here. Here are the eternal young people, with their crazy aspirations, their tangled feelings, the fits of tears and the misunderstandings, the brushing fingers and the harmonious movements as if by magic. They dance in a park at dusk. Down below, the city lights are flashing.

Fitzgeraldian nostalgia

We obviously think of Fred Astaire and Cyd Charisse. The trick is not to try to match the professionalism of the models. The actors move with a smiling grace, slip in the second degree, appear in Chinese shadows. Romanticism is not dead. The fates of Mia and Sebastian drift apart. It would have taken so little to make it work between them. In a sequence of a very Fitzgeraldian nostalgia, we see the life that could have been theirs. This sadness.

Ryan Gosling looks like an abandoned dog on the road to vacation and doesn’t understand why. Emma Stone opens her big cartoon eyes, flaunts a sexy figure of Popeye’s Olive. Throats tighten. Remorse crumbles on a keyboard with black and white keys. The future is a freeway ramp that we take or not. Fingers snap. The first bars resonate. It’s time to fall in love, to make mileage oaths, to consider cinema again as a branch of magic.

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