Meghan Markle, the feminists against: “She is an extreme narcissist, like Donald Trump, Kanye West and Elon Musk”



Hard times for Meghan Markle, who this time finds herself having to face the criticisms of the audience who have supported her in her path in the past, even defending her from the accusations of detractors. It is about the feminists, who five years after the marriage of the biracial former actress of Suits with Prince Harry there are serious doubts about his authenticity.

The criticisms are actually not that recent, but added to the recent news about a Spotify executive who reportedly called the pair “fucking scammers”, make up a picture from which Meghan comes out quite badly.
The voices had already been raised some time ago, after the docureality arrived on Netflix Harry and Meghan and the publication of Prince Harry’s memoirs, Shoot. In an article about Politic, Joanna Weiss he had questioned the authenticity of the character, arguing that “the suspension of disbelief” necessary to believe that Meghan really didn’t know anything about Harry before meeting him (who he was, his family, his mother Diana…) is not enough to convince us that the girl really didn’t know who she was in front of, as told in the documentary produced by the royal expat couple. “Somewhere between the fifth and sixth hour of the series Harry and Meghanwhich suggests that there is none more in love, more socially aware, more grieving than them,” Weiss wrote, “My natural sympathy for the couple started to turn into annoyance, and I realized that ego has its limitsAccording to Weiss, Meghan would be no different than some well-known figures of extreme narcissists – Elon Musk, Kanye West, Donald Trump, Elizabeth Holmes and Sam Bankman, the names mentioned – who used “attention as currency and ego as fuel” and were rewarded with “what they wanted” for the moment. In short, Harry and Meghan would have “tired public opinion” by now.

His voice brings back to that of Australian feminist writer Germaine Greer, note to the wise The female eunuchthat he had already expressed his doubts about Meghan Markle during a television interview with the American program on CBS 60 Minutes, suggesting the hypothesis that the actress even “pretends her love for Harry”. For Greer too, Meghan’s melodramatic acting in the Netflix series would have made Meghan lose points, which would have led to her being looked at as a “Celebrity-hungry manipulator”.

Rumors about the Dukes of Sussex: Meghan Markle will leave Prince Harry to save her career

by Eva Grippa

Surprisingly, against the duchess there would also be some black commentators such as Alicia Montgomery, what up Slate describes the disappointment she and many felt with Meghan, who prior to that ‘fairy tale’ marriage was living a different kind of feminist fairytale as a moderately famous self-made millionaire who ‘spent her free time traveling the world wearing fashionable clothes and periodically doing good deeds’. According to Montgomery, it would have been “irritating” to see Meghan pretend to discover the existence of institutional racism in the British Royal Household: ‘Although I am on Team Meghan, it is painful, unpleasant and a little irritating to see her’discover‘ something that we all know has always been there.’ In short, his would have been pure acting.

Just a few days ago, Maureen Dowd’s lunge on the New York Times, which suggests which path Meghan should have taken: “Instead of giving up having real influence to become an Instagram influencer, the Duchess should have been inspired by the Obamas”, that to combat racist attacks “have worked to change things from within the institutions”. She had started doing it, bringing gospel songs to St. George on her wedding day, but then she chose to run away and then feel sorry for herself.

May 6, 2018 – July 2023: five years after that fairytale royal wedding between the British prince and the common girl – the actress with an African-American mother, the American activist – no one believes in the fairytale anymore. And above all, perhaps he is no longer willing to pay to hear Harry and Meghan tell the world about it.


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