Natalie Portman searches for the fallen star


IN COMPETITION – The director of carolTodd Haynes, confronts Natalie Portman with Julianne Moore in a disturbing melodrama with strings that are a little too strong.

Todd Haynes doesn’t bother. From the beginning, he took over the soundtrack of Messenger. It’s quite funny. We are not in Norfolk, but in Savannah (Georgia). The houses are white and colonial. Spanish moss hangs from the branches.

A famous actress arrives in the area to get closer to the one she will play on screen. Gracie got tabloid coverage: She once served time in prison for having an affair with a 5-year-olde. She divorced, remarried her young lover. In his own way, he is also a star.

Elizabeth circles around him. This will feed into his future role. In technical language, this is called spotting. The family welcomes him with open arms, offers him hot dogs, invites him to a restaurant. The actress spies, questions, meets the ex-husband, the children of the first bed as they say. The two women look at each other. It is not a formula. A scene brings them together side by side in front of a mirror, which has…

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